Power of One 

The “Power of One” is a kick-off campaign of “Push for the Path,” a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The goal is to have 100 individuals or groups each raise $1,000 by July 5th, 2012.  This will total $100,000 and provide a solid base for “Push for the Path” to successfully raise the shortfall amount of $220,000 to $357,000, which is needed to construct the 2.72 mile Kennedy Road multi-use path.

Who should consider making a “Power of One” Pledge:

  • Individuals
  • Friends
  • Service Clubs and Organizations
  • Neighborhoods, Blocks, or Subdivisions
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Schools
  • Student Councils or School Clubs
  • Scout Troops
  • Athletic Clubs or Organizations
  • Churches
  • Religious Groups or Organizations
  • Confirmation Classes
  • Businesses

If you want to JOIN a team, but you don’t know anyone who is a team leader, email us at support@pushforthepath.org and we will connect you with a team.

Ways you can achieve your goal:

  • Find 3 or 4 friends to join you as a TEAM.  That way, each of you only has to raise $200 or $250!
  • Ask 10 friends or family members or neighbors for $100.
  • Ask 40 friends or family members or neighbors for $25.  If there are 4 team members working on this, that’s only 10 donors per fundraiser!
  • Ask 100 friends or family members or neighbors for $10.  If there are 4 team members working on this, that’s only 25 donors per fundraiser!
  • Have a garage sale, and donate the proceeds to the “Power of One”
  • Have a car wash, and donate the proceeds to the “Power of One”
  • Have a talent or variety show, and donate the proceeds to the “Power of One”
  • Collect recyclables, and donate the proceeds to the “Power of One”
  • Donate a percentage of your business profits to the “Power of One”
  • Employees raise funds and challenge your Company to match your donation

We can make a difference!  Watch for the “Power of One” buttons around our community. Check back for updates at our or visit us on Facebook.

Those committing to raise $1,000 through the “Power of One” campaign will be recognized on the “Push for the Path” website and in other media.

40 Ways to Raise $250 for Push for the Path

  1. Simply ask for a one-time, tax-deductible donation.  Ask 10 friends for $25 donation.  Ask 25 friends for a $10 donation.  Just ask for any donation!
  2. It’s summer, so if you are planning to host a BBQ for your friends, family, neighbors, etc, combine it with some fundraising by asking for a donation from each person who attends.  Invite 10 friends and ask for a $25 donation from each. Or instead of a BBQ, host a pancake party or brunch or themed meal, and in your invitation, ask for a donation from those who attend.
  3. A little change can really add up!  Decorate a jar and make it your “extra change jar.” Leave it on your desk at work or in a special place at home where everyone can see it. Encourage everyone to drop their loose change in the jar. Also, decorate additional jars and give them to 10-20 family/friends.  Ask them to collect all their loose change for one month and return it to you.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can raise by just collecting loose change!
  4. Have a big living room and big-screen TV?  Or have a movie projector and a large wall or screen?  Host a movie party for your neighborhood or friends. Charge admission to have a movie night in your living room or yard.  You provide drinks, popcorn, fun movie snacks, and the movie.  Invite 25 people at $10/person.  Or if you have the space, invite 10 families at $25/family.  You could also do it at night, in your garage or in your yard, especially if you have a projector.
  5. Have a competitive evening of food and friends.  Invite 12 friends, and ask each to bring something homemade and tasty that will feed 13 people.  You provide the drinks.  Ask each of the 12 to donate $25:  $250 will go to the cause and a $50 prize will go to the person who makes the tastiest dish (as voted by those in attendance).
  6. Do an auction or a sale of “promised services.”  Find friends who will donate their services for the auction.  The services can include car washing, mowing lawns, housework, child care, dog walking, etc. Or maybe 3 hours of miscellaneous household handyman services. Or 4 hours of household organizational consultation/help from a friend who is super good at organizing.  You get the idea.  What kind of skills do you or your friends have that you could auction off or just sell at a straight price (10 services X $25/each – $250! Or each service could have its own price, since some might be worth a higher value.) Make sure your friends are committed to following through.
  7. Sell concessions during a neighborhood-wide garage sale.
  8. Host some kind of tournament among friends, and charge an entrance fee.  Possibilities: bags, poker, arm wrestling.  Have a prize for the winner.  It could be a cash prize; just make sure to charge enough per entrant so that you raise $250 and have leftover cash for the prize. Or, you can find a business (or businesses) to donate the prize(s).  It’s easy to search online for information about how to set up a tournament, and you can find free printable brackets online, too.
  9. Ask 10 friends or family members to donate one item from their wardrobe, closet, or home that you could sell on eBay or craigslist for at least $25, and then sell those 10 items.  (Or get donations of 25 items that could be sold for at least $10/each.)
  10. Do odd jobs. Baby sit, house sit, pet sit, etc. Advertise around the neighborhood and donate all your earnings to your fundraising goal.  Mow 10 lawns at $25/lawn = $250.
  11. Host a barbeque or block party at your local park. Plan some games and activities. Talk to your friends, neighbors, or grocers about providing and donating supplies. Charge a donation for food or admission.
  12. Do you know any musicians? Or are you a musician? Host a concert and charge admission.
  13. Is your birthday coming up? If so, instead of asking for presents ask for donations.
  14. Have some kind of sporting event tournament, and charge an entrance fee.  Possibilities: tennis, badminton, bowling. Have a prize for the winner. It could be a cash prize; just make sure to charge enough per entrant so that you raise $250 and have leftover cash for the prize. Or, you can find a business (or businesses) to donate the prize(s).  It’s easy to search online for information about how to set up a tournament, and you can find free printable brackets online, too.
  15. Do you know someone who owns a barn?  Do you know someone who is a DJ or plays in a band?  Put together a barn dance and charge admission.
  16. Host a Bingo night or Bunco night or any kind of game night among friends or neighbors.  Charge admission and have prizes.  Search online for how to organize a game night for fundraising purposes.
  17. Backwards day: ask friends and family to sponsor you to wear your clothes backwards or inside out for an entire day.  Take pictures to share with everyone when you do it, of course.
  18. Plan and host a fun fair for kids with different games, activities, food, and amusement.
  19. Do people tell you that you make delicious baked goods? Have a bake sale or cake sale.
  20. Host a garage sale with all proceeds going to the cause.
  21. Hold a “joke-a-thon.” Go up to people on the street and ask them to pay you a dollar if you can make them laugh.  Be armed with a ready supply of hilarious jokes or tricks for this one.
  22. Coins in the park: Start a line of coins in a large area, like a central, public park that is well-attended.  Get passers-by to add their loose change to the line.  Try to make it all the way around the park. Take pictures and publicize what you are doing on Facebook to get more people to show up and contribute.
  23. Get people to sponsor you to do “Leap Frog with strangers.” Have people pledge $X per stranger that you leap.  Then go out and ask random strangers if you can leap over them, leap frog style.  Take photos or video of each stranger leaped to prove you did it, and then collect the money.
  24. Host a “murder mystery night” among friends and ask for a donation from each friend who attends.
  25. Name the baby (or teddy bear) contest.  Get a picture of a friend’s baby or a picture of a teddy bear (or get an actual teddy bear: it can part of the prize!).  Then make a grid of 100 squares.  In each square, write one name.  One of the 100 names needs to be the correct name for the baby (or bear).  Then, charge $3/name (per square on the grid). Each contestant tries to guess the real name, and gives $3 for each name/square. Have the guesser write his/her name on the square that he/she has chosen.  You will have 100 guesses at $3 each, so $300.  Donate $250 to the cause and $50 goes to the winning/correct guess.  (Make sure that if you do a real baby, no one who is “playing/paying” knows that baby and has an unfair advantage!)
  26. Plan an obstacle course competition among friends.  Or a silly games afternoon. Charge admission and have prizes for winners.
  27. Plan and host a pet show or pet parade.  Charge an entry fee, and plan prizes for different categories.
  28. Plan and host a photograph or art show: get 25 people to donate original artwork and sell each for $10 to raise $250.  Or make it a contest with an entry fee and give prizes to winners, as selected by a panel of judges.
  29. Hold a Scavenger Hunt among friends.  People will pay to enter. You provide a list of items that need to be scavenged.  The first team to bring you the items wins.  You could do this in your neighborhood (the friends have to go door to door) or at a mall or at a large store.  Be creative with your list! You can include actual items to find or things such as “take a photo with (insert something creative here).”
  30. Twister-a-thon: Have people sponsor you (and some friends) to play Twister for a set amount of time out in a public place, where you can raise money and provide passers-bys with some laughs.
  31. Unwanted gifts sale: Ask your family and friends to donate all the gifts that they’ve been given that they don’t really like.  Sell them at a garage sale or on eBay or on craigslist.
  32. Who’s that baby contest: Get baby photos of all of your colleagues (or all members of a group or organization of which you are a member).  People will then pay a fee (the donation) to submit their guesses.  The person who guesses the most correct wins a prize.
  33. Are you crafty? Is there something that you can make and sell?  Could you sell 25 photo frames at $10/frame?  How about homemade greeting card sets?  Bean bag sets?  Homemade laundry detergent?
  34. What skill do you have that you could share with others? Host a class and charge admission.  Art class?  Photography class? How to make a delicious vegan summer meal?  How to change a tire?  How do make your own natural cleaning supplies? How to be a super coupon-er? The class could be just one session or multiple. Could you get 10 people to pay $25 for the class? Or 25 people to pay $10 for the class?  Or 5 people to pay $50 for the class?
  35. Do you know how to make any unique crafts or gifts? Host a “make and take” craft night and charge admission.  Teach the people in attendance how to make the craft, and make sure it is something that they can complete within the session, so that they can go home with the craft completed. (Candles? Soap? Unique wall art? Party invitations? Wine glass charms? Etc…)
  36. Host a Silpada jewelry party, and instead of claiming the hostess rewards, the incentive will be a % of the sales will be donated.  Contact local Silpada consultant Tammie Smith at tammieandbill88@aol.com to set up a party with her.  Or find someone else who is selling something (Candles? Cosmetics? Purses? Etc)  that would be willing to make a cash donation to the cause in lieu of the hostess credit.
  37. Do you know a bunch of parents who would love a night out? Purchase a restaurant gift certificate for $60 and a movie gift certificate for $30 and you offer to babysit the kids for “X” hours.  Then, do a raffle for the “night out.”  Sell 34 tickets at $10 each, so the chance is 1 in 34.  Use $90 to pay for the gift certificates, and donate the remaining $250.
  38. Use fundraiser “scratch off” cards to collect monetary donations from family and friends.  Simply ask each person to scratch off one or two spaces.  Each space contains a dollar amount from 50 cents to $3.  Whatever amount appears there is what that person agrees to contribute.  Keep going until you get $250 in donations.
  39. Host a car wash.  Ask your local convenience store for the space and get your friends involved. Find some old car washing supplies and spend a day in the sun for a good cause.
  40. Do you have a friend or family member who lives in an interesting foreign place and that would help you out?  Sell unique “snail-mail” packages.  Find out what the cost of postage would be from that place to the U.S. and make sure to add that to the price, so that shipping and handling will be covered and there will still be money left over for a donation.  Write a sweet card out thanking each person and sending them some cheer.  Then address the envelopes (possible a padded mailer) but do not add postage.  Send all of the addressed mailers all to your friend in the interesting place.  Ask the friend to add something unique to the envelopes/packages (such as: a coaster from a bar or restaurant that is unique to that area, some authentic coins, a postcard, beer bottle cap, restaurant menu, etc) and then seal and add postage stamps.  (Make sure to send your friend the money for the postage plus any item that has a cost (like coins) – again, make sure to build that cost into the sale price.)  Then, the people who purchased this will get a fun and unique snail-mail package to brighten their day, direct from a cool place, with cool postage stamps and a unique little surprise as well.