How Can You Help:

We need community involvement to achieve our goal.

Take the Power of 1 Challenge

Here’s how YOU can be part of the Power of One!

    1. Become 1 of our 100 team leaders and pledge to raise $1000 for the path, by July 5, either by yourself or with a team of friends, family members, neighbors, or co-workers.
    2. Want to help raise funds and know you can get donations, but need a smaller commitment?  Instead, volunteer to be part of a team and we’ll connect you with a team. Email Push for the Path at
    3. Make a tax-deductible donation to the path.  Click on “DONATE” or send checks made out to Push for the Path and mail to PO Box 705, Yorkville, IL 60560. 
    4. Talk about Push for the Path with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, anyone who will listen! Help spread the word about what we doing.
    5. Like” Push for the Path on Facebook and stay informed about our fundraising events.  Make sure to “share” our news and events with your Facebook friends!
    6. Let us know of others that you know are big supporters of Push for the Path so that we can contact them and invite them to get involved with our efforts.
    7. Attend our community fundraising events. Approximately once a week from March until July, a local business will host a fundraising event.  We want to see you there!
    8. Smile! Say something positive!  Do something kind!  Spread good energy around our great city!  Believe that we ARE coming together to achieve this goal!