Want to make a donation to Push for the Path?  It is tax deductible.

Just click on the link below, all donations made go directly to raise funds for the Kennedy Road Multi-Purpose Path.

Current Events

Current Events

2017 5K
PeppeRUNi 5K Run/Walk
Saturday, May 13, 2017
Join Power of 1

Join Power of 1

The “Power of One” is a kick-off campaign for Push for the Path. The goal is to have 100 individuals or groups each raise $1,000 by July 5th, 2012.  This will total $100,000 and provide a solid base for “Push for the Path” to successfully raise the shortfall amount of $220,000 to $357,000, which is needed to construct the 2.72 mile Kennedy Road multi-use path. Click here for more information!



Push For the Path is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, that was created to raise funds to build a 2.72 mile multi-use path on Kennedy Road from Route 47 to Mill Road in Yorkville, Illinois.  Push For the Path is comprised of an all volunteer Board of Directors and Committee Members.  All contributions are tax deductible.  All funds raised will be used for the Kennedy Road Multi-Use Path.

The Kennedy Road Project is a $1.7 million project

  • The United City of Yorkville has been awarded a $1.3 million grant from the State of IL to fund the project; this is 80% of the total cost.
  • The Yorkville aldermen voted to accept this grant from the state on the condition that the City’s 20% portion of the cost, which is $357,000, be privately raised.
  • The City of Yorkville could further reduce the City’s share to $220,000 through the application of a second grant prior to the time of construction if the grant program is taking applications at that time.

Push For the Path will be raising $220,000 to $357,000 to meet the shortfall of the grants. (Click Here ITEP Grant Cash Flow Spreadsheet)


  • The Path will have 1,791 homes that directly connect to it
  • The Path will create a “Yorkville Path” by linking than 12 miles of safe, connected, multi-use path throughout the city
  • The Path will be an asphalt path of 2.72 miles long, 10 feet wide, and 5-17 feet removed from the road
  • The Path will be the largest private non-developer funded multi-use path project in the Yorkville’s history
  • The Path will provide a pedestrian crossing over the Burlington Northern – Santa Fe (BNSF) rail crossing on Kennedy Road
  • The Path will connect to the 39 mile Fox River Trailwhich:
    • continues another 25 miles to the Wisconsin border
    • connects to the scenic 61 mile Illinois Prairie Path
    • connects to downtown Oswego, Aurora, and Batavia along the Fox River Trail
    • connects to the 9 mile Virgil Gilman Trail
  • The Path will connect the residents of Yorkville to:
    • the Park-N-Ride in Oswego (at Mill/Orchard), thereby enhancing regional transportation opportunities
    • Grande Reserve and Autumn Creek Elementary Schools
    • Blackberry Oaks Golf Course
    • Numerous public parks, playgrounds, and ball fields
    • Downtown Yorkville, Town Square Park, Riverfront Park, the Farmer’s Market, and many community events including Music Under the Stars
    • United City of Yorkville’s Rec Center
    • Commercial Areas along Route 34 & 47, including shopping and dining